Ice Guardians

logoiceguardiansFirst edition of the ICE GUARDIANS trophy, a beautiful tournament for amateurs and veterans who want to compete with teams from all over the world.

The tournament is open to a maximum number of 16 Amateur and Veteran level teams. The finals will take place in three days, Friday and Saturday and Sunday, each team will play a minimum of 5 maximum 6 matches, 2x20 minutes - NO TOUCH rules, slapshot allowed if the captains agree, professional referees. Leggi il regolamento generale.


23/24/25 April 2021 - Merano (Bz)



The player fee includes
- Registration for the tournament and use of all the services of the Palaghiaccio
- Professional refereeing and timekeepers
- Tournament T-Shirt
- Unlimited Free Beer during the tournament
- Water on the bench before each match
- Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the ice rink.
- Cups and medals
- Medical assistance during matches
- Photographic service of all the games played
- Skill Games
- top scorer, best goalie and fair play awards
- Saturday night party
The guest fee includes (70 €)
- Friday lunch on Saturday and Sunday at the ice rink.
- Unlimited free beer during the tournament
- Tournament T-Shirt.
- Access to all events organized during the tournament and Saturday night party

The hotel fee includes
- 3 nights in the hotel with dinner and breakfast
- Access to all events organized during the tournament and Saturday night party

The guest fee includes
- 3 nights in the hotel with dinner and breakfast
- Friday lunch on Saturday and Sunday at the ice rink.
- Dinner from Thursday to Saturday
- Unlimited free beer during the tournament
- Tournament T-Shirt.
- Access to all events organized during the tournament and Saturday night party

The free beer service is valid from the start of the first game of the day to 30 minutes after the end of the last game of the day.


- Drinks with meals not included
At the request of the team, we can organize the transport by paid bus from the airport of arrival to the hotel and vice versa on the day of departure (the transport is only applicable to the whole team.)






FREE group leader with team with over 21 people all in all inclusive package

Parent company 50% DISCOUNT with team with over 12 people all with all inclusive package.



REGISTRATION DEADLINE 15 March 2021 - You can register by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by filling out the registration form on our website on the tournament page, after our confirmation email you will have to pay a deposit of € 500 within 10 days to confirm your registration,  the balance must be paid no later than 15 March 2021 by bank transfer or Paypal.

Refund in case of renunciation of the registration fee 500 euro:
100% of the fee will be returned within 30 days of receipt of cancellation if the cancellation occurs within 90 days before the start of the tournament
50% of the registration fee will be refunded within 30 days of receiving the cancellation if the cancellation is made within 60 days of the start of the tournament
The deposit will not be returned if the registration is canceled within 29 days before the start of the tournament, but it can be used 100% within 12 months for the registration to another tournament.

bank transfer to the following bank details:

Colosseum cup hockey club asd 
IBAN: IT34V 07601 03200 001040293910 
BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX, indicando come causale:  subscription ice guardians tournament  2021  “nome team”  . 

Considering that we only accept 12 teams at each event, we recommend that you pre-register as soon as possible.

pagamento con PayPal:

due to the high cost of this service by Paypal we accept this form of payment only if increased by 4% of the total amount.



▪ The size of the playing field is approximately 30m x 60m.
▪ Duration of matches: 2 halves of 20 minutes the first period of play with time to flow the second period will have the last 5 minutes with actual time of play if the goal difference does not exceed 2 goals ...
▪ Each game will be preceded by 5 minutes of warm up and will have an interval between the two game times of 2 minutes.
▪ If a team does not show up at all or does not show up on time at the start of the game, (waiting tolerance 10 minutes) the same is evaluated with the score of 0: 5 against the team that did not appear.
▪ It is played with regulation doors.
▪ You play 5 against 5 plus goalkeepers, with flying changes.
▪ Each game has a match director (referee) who is responsible for running the game plus an assistant. He monitors the game, counts the scoring and announces the result to the tournament organizer.
▪ The minimum valid age for participation in the Tournament is 18 (eighteen) years old (see IIHF Game Rules)
▪ The Organizing Committee is not responsible for accidents or damages.
▪ If a number of changing rooms equal to the number of registered teams are not available, a shift will have to be made, therefore a changing room (indicated in the match calendar that will be delivered) with toilets will be made available to each team 30 minutes before his game. , hair dryer and showers and which you are kindly asked to vacate as soon as you are finished changing after the game to access the cleaning staff and the next team.

▪ In unexpected and exceptional cases, the organizing committee has the right to change or adapt the rules. These changes will be communicated promptly to the teams before the dispute of the first meeting.
▪ The tournament will take place in two groups
▪ "Slap shots" are allowed only if the two captains agree and if all the players on the field are equipped with at least a protective visor or grid, if slapshot is allowed players without a visor will not be able to access the ice.
▪ Direct charges are forbidden. Locking on the balustrade is allowed.
▪ For the placement the matches will be evaluated as follows: victory 3 points, draw 2 points, defeat 1 points.
▪ In the event of a tie in the group stage for the classification in the finals, the determining factors are:
1. The goal difference
2. The goals scored
3. Goals conceded (goal difference between goals scored and conceded, who has the highest positive number passes first)
4. and lastly the extraction.
In the final matches in the event of a tie at the end of the two game times, penalty shots will be taken.
The "Penalty Shooting Procedure" to establish the winner of the match.
1. The shots will be taken in both defense zones of the playing field.
2. The procedure will begin with 3 (three) different shooters for each team who will alternate in the shots. Players do not need to be named first. All players listed in the Refereeing Sheet can participate in the Penalty Throws to establish the winner with the exclusion of those indicated in the following article 3.
3. Any player who has not finished serving his penalty during the "Regular Time" will not be able to participate in the Penalty Throws, and must therefore remain on the bench punished or may go to the locker room. Players who receive a penalty pen during the penalty shootout phase will also have to be punished on the bench or will be able to go to the dressing room until the end of the procedure.
4. The Referee will call the two Captains in the Referees area and with the coin toss he will determine which team will start first. The winner of the coin toss can choose to roll first or second.
5. Goalkeepers will defend the same goal during the game time.
6. Goalkeepers of both teams may be changed after each shot.
7. The shots will be made in compliance with Art. 509 of the IIHF Official Game Rules.
8. The players of both teams will take the shots alternately until the decisive goal has been scored. The game will be considered ended with this decisive goal.
9. If after the 3 (three) throws the teams are still tied, the player will proceed to the bitter end ”carried out by a player of both teams, with the same player or with new players. The shots to the bitter end ”will be started by the team that started the first series of shots second. In long-term shots a team can always use the same player. The match will end as soon as the series (one penalty shot per team) does not end in a tie.

10. The Official Goalkeeper shall record all the shots taken, indicating the players, goalkeepers and goals scored.
11. Only the decisive goal will count for the final result of the match and will be credited to the player who achieves it and charged to the opposing goalkeeper.
12. If a team refuses to participate in the penalty shootouts the match will be declared lost for this team and the other team will receive 3 points for the victory. If a player refuses to take the penalty, he will be indicated as "unmarked" for his team.

Identification of players, coaches and managers by referees

The match officials, 5 (five) minutes before taking the field, must identify the players, coaches and managers, first of the host team and then of the host team. The match officials will call the managers first and then the athletes by surname; the called athlete will answer with his name and shirt number showing it.
It is allowed to loan players or that some players play for one or more teams, but this must be communicated during the registration of the team on the day of the tournament start or in any case always before the start of the match in which the loan takes place.

Players who play for multiple teams will not be able to enjoy the sum of the nets in order to win the top scorer prize of the tournament, for this qualification they must designate a team for which they will participate in the race for the TOP SCORER prize "

▪ All participants must play with hockey skates (not for figure skating, goalie or speed skating). A protective visor or grill on a helmet of your choice is mandatory (grill mandatory for children under 18)

▪ If a team does not have the necessary number of players, this can, upon communication to the organization, field one or more players from another team.
▪ The organizing committee has the right to exclude a player from the tournament if this represents a danger for himself, as well as for the other participants.

IIHF regulation applies.
▪ In the event of infringements, the race director has the right to give minor or major penalties.
▪ Minor penalties can be transformed in case of extreme reiteration into major penalties.
▪ In case of unintentional injury, the player will be penalized with a 2 '+ 2' penalty

▪ Any offense and attack on the race director immediately entails a "major penalty", as well as excessive swearing, cursing and discussions with the race director regarding the decisions he has made.
▪ Major infringements and actions that endanger the safety of players, volunteers and the public result in the exclusion of the player responsible for the duration of the entire tournament.
▪ In special cases and in the event that said major infractions and actions are committed by multiple players of the same team, there may be exclusion of the team for the duration of the entire tournament.

In the event of violent, unsportsmanlike or in any case not in line with the friendly aspect of the tournament by a single player, it will be possible to declare its exclusion until the end of the competition and this AT UNDISCLAIMABLE JUDGMENT OF THE ORGANIZATION and in agreement with the STAFF ARBITRATION.

Each player plays at his own risk, the organization guarantees only the first aid of the paramedic and the registration to the tournament does not include health insurance for which it is always advisable to carry out one's own insurance.






Check how to register, cancel and refund on the page of the tournament of interest.


  • By registering, the participants approve the regulations, as well as the general and participation conditions which the members of each team have been made aware of by means of their "Team Manager" who provided for the team registration.
    The personal data indicated at the time of registration are stored and processed only for the conduct of the event. This applies in particular to the information necessary to process the payment.
    By registering, participants authorize the saving of data.
    By registering, participants give their consent to the collection and transmission of the aforementioned data for placings and results.
    By registering, participants give their consent to the use and dissemination of the video and photographic material created by the organization .